With everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in a different type of law firm experience. We believe in creating a more personalized and trusted relationship with our clients. We believe in turning complex high-tech legal issues into simple custom-tailored solutions. We thrive on pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge science and technology law.
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    • J.D., Santa Clara University School of Law
    • M.A., Applied Ethics: Science, Technology, and Policy
    • B.S., Business Administration and Management Information Systems


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  • 2015 California Legislative Session Tech Wrap-up
    2015 California Legislative Session Tech Wrap-up
    The 2015 California State Legislative session has finally wrapped-up an exciting session that included a broad-range of technology related legislation that included: Internet poker, drones, computer crimes, DNA evidence, 3D printers, police body cameras, electronic communication and information search warrant requirements, wiretapping, data encryption, data breach notification requirements, privacy, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and much more. To learn […]
  • Ashley Madison's Data Breach Notification Exposed
    Ashley Madison’s Data Breach Notification Exposed
    Ashley Madison, the popular website service that offers married couples the opportunity to have an extramarital affair has been the recent target of a massive data breach exposing millions of its customer’s private information to the public. However, Ashley Madison customers have another serious problem–Notification. Its customers may not be aware of the extent of […]
  • Cybersecurity Legislation Moves Forward
    Cybersecurity Legislation Moves Forward
    Cybersecurity legislation in Washington has been heating up the past few months as several pieces of legislation aimed at increasing information sharing of cyberthreat indicators between private businesses and government entities gain momentum. Although the bills all have different names, they are all trying to solve the same “information sharing” problem in cybsersecurity. However, several privacy advocates have spoken out […]
  • California Legislative Tech Policy Update
    California Legislative Tech Policy Update
    The following science and technology policy-related bills are currently enrolled in the California State Legislature 2015-2016 session. This current session includes a wide-range of cutting-edge technology policy issues that include: Cybercrime, Drones, DNA, Identity Theft, Internet Gambling, Broadband Telecommunications, Privacy and Cybersecurity, Mobile Devices, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Currency, and much more. Our Firm will continue […]
We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.


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